Welcome in the small world of Boat Goa. Our fleets include speed boat, Motor yacht, Sailing Yachts, Catamarans and lot more at just one destination Goa. So bring your dear ones on board and have an unforgettable experience in Goa with Boat Goa at your service.

Birthday on Yacht WOW!!!!

Bored of celebrating your birthdays at luxurious hotels or party halls? This year do something fun and completely different by throwing a goa boat party with Boat Goa at your service. Birthday is that day of the year when you can do anything to pamper yourself. So get out and experience goa cruise party, open the champagne bottle and let the celebrations begin on the yacht.

Boat goa cruise rates are affordable and available at a variety of costs which suit your budget and meet your yacht party requirements. We strive to make your special day full of fun and beautiful memories in Goa. Throwing a yacht party in Goa is the most unique experience as it is private and allows you to experience the cool breezy sea wind along with the scenic beauty of Goa.


Pamper yourself by experiencing a private party on board, with the warmth of the sun, foot tapping music and perfect ambience that will make the entire vibe full of energy and fun. Make it the most memorable event which will be remember for all the happy moments.

We customized the birthday yacht charter as per the number of people expected as well as the duration of the event.

So what is stopping you now? Birthday party on a yacht in Goa equals to - happiness, fun and joy..!! Book your luxurious yacht now with the Boat Goa team and make your birthday an unforgettable one.

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