Enter Goa & the sunny weather as the friendly atmosphere catches on to you. The golden beaches with the sea waves inviting you to explore the Goan waters. The energetic yet relaxing vibe of Goa is contagious and gets on to you. Hop into Boat Goa’s yacht charters service and experience the magical waters of Goa and let it take you on a journey where you can experience the beautiful coastlines along with the touch of history. A yacht tour in Goa with us for 5-7 hours will leave you enthralled with Goa’s beauty, flora and fauna.


If you are looking for a customized yacht charter service and want to modify the packages of yacht rental then you are at right place. We offer what you want and we take care of your comfort while you enjoy yachting in Goa.

16:30 HRS Onboard

Welcome aboard on your very own private luxury yacht with all the necessities taken care of by our stellar team of Boat Goa. Sip some cooling drinks while the jetty cruises towards the serene Goan backwaters. Speed away on the exciting jet-ski there and jump back on the yacht to watch the quaint Goan villages and the exotic locations where rare birds and crocodiles occupy the backwaters.

18:30 HRS start towards Mouth of Mandovi

We pass the famous spots of the capital of Goa – Panji - the Governor's Residence, Miramar Beach, Reis Magos Fort, and Hotel Marriot. The majestic slopes of Aguada Hill overlooks the grand Palacio Aguada, home to a millionaire.

The mouth of Mandovi River is known for its awe-inspiring scenic beauty and rare sighting of the hump-backed and bottle-nose dolphins. The river being the fertile fishing ground for these mammals can make your day by gifting you the beautiful sight of these dolphins.

19:30 HRS

Watch the sky change its color to a beautiful orange, as the sun sets into the horizon. As the evening sets in, we serve cocktails and mocktails and return back.

What can beat this experience? Come visit us once, and we will ensure that you come back asking for more! Such is the magic of luxury cruises in Goa. With our well-trained team who will guide you to make the right choice of yachts for your special event, be assured that the occasion is going to be an epitome of fun & happy moments.

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