Welcome in the small world of Goa yachts, speedboats and Jet-Ski. There are three basic types of Luxury Yachts — Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans as well speedboats. You can find most range of each of these, in all of the major charter regions worldwide.

Speed Boat in Goa


The demand for luxury yachts is soaring all around the world. It is a common notion that yachts and cruises are available only for the elite home in Goa, we have become successful by making it affordable for ever water and adventure lover.
We believe in offering an experience where you feel the rush equivalent to driving on the freeway as if nobody is watching. The adrenaline rush that you feel with the gushing speed will make you fall in love with our fleet of yachts. Be it a 2 hour cruise or a 40 minute boat ride, what matters is the beautiful experience of exploring the Goan backwaters and beaches by the yacht hire in goa. So if you want thrill and excitement back in your life charter our motor yacht in Goa and experience the fun once again.

Sailing Yacht in Goa


Imagine a movie scene with you in it, sailing a magnificent yacht in the smooth waters of Goa. A few hours of unadulterated fun, guiltless laughs, and priceless moments will make your holiday an unforgettable one. So, this time don’t give those excuses to yourself of not having any time or being unable to afford the sailing yacht trip. Be ensured the yacht is safe and sturdy as you can rely on our trustworthy crew. Feel the wind caress your hair as you look up the mast tops which sways in the sea breeze.
Don’t you think this should make it to the top ten list of Things to Do before I Die?

Catamaran in Goa


With our flexible yacht packages in Goa, you will find yourself on a tropical beach, the sound of the waves creating a rhythmic melody. Look up to the sky and you will notice the pelicans soaring around. And then you will see the catamaran sailing offshore, rocked by the pleasant wind, inviting you to hop aboard. Such is the look and feel of the catamaran, perfect for a yacht party in Goa and also for a formal event. So call us at +91 7066522920 and book a catamaran for your party.

Speed Boat in Goa


Whizz past the bright coastlines of Goa, on a speedboat and get in touch with our sporty side. It is as if you are in control of wherever you want to go, instead of depending on a dingy trail boat to take you anywhere. Various tour program activities are offered such as sightseeing trips, snorkelling, kayaking, hiking, fishing etc. If you are lover of speed and hate to be stopped anywhere, these speed boats are the perfect option to hire in Goa.

Jet-ski in Goa


You will feel the strong wind hitting your face, when you go for a ride on the Jet-ski. It will leave you wanting for more immediately after the ride is over. Such is the thrill, which most of the youngsters visiting Goa always want to go for this speedy ride. To ensure safety, try to opt for a good location for Jet Ski.

We offer a variety of yachts in Goa at affordable rates, so that you experience the water with luxury in Goa. A private yacht charter is perfect when it comes to yacht party in goa or enjoying the backwaters.

We offer customized packages for events on yachts. Contact us to know more about these yachts.

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