These days, it is difficult to find a calm spot anywhere, which can provide you that much needed peace and relaxation. With crowded tourist spots and routine holiday spots, there are a few options available which transport you into a world of serenity with your loved ones. But here’s the good news, we offer you something which is exclusive, luxurious, relaxing and completely beautiful at the same time. Gone are the days when sailing and partying on a cruise was for the elite crowd. You can now make all this possible hiring a yacht on rent with us. With our vast fleet of opulent yachts, cruises and catamarans, you have a wide variety to choose from with customisable packages. You get to choose everything right from the delectable food preparations to the soothing drinks.

The 30 foot Khandya, stands proudly on the Goan Water, showing off its glistening olive green colour which camouflages in the lush. Our yacht stealthily glides through the narrow mangroves and rivulets of the pristine river Mandovi. With this magnificent cruiser, you get to explore the hidden treasures of Goa, disconnected from the crowded party places.

Sit on the main deck of this magnificent yacht to enjoy a 360 degree view of beautiful Goa, as the Khandya powerful cuts through the sea waves at a pleasant speed. This beauty can accommodate up to 14 guests + crew comfortably. Our charter services, boasts of luxury and comfort and takes you to locations which are beyond imagination in Goa.

The mighty Khandya’s powerful single screw Volvo engine roars to life in a slow gentle wave, so that the serene Goan waters are not disturbed. With this feature, it does not damage the roots of the mangroves even as it cruises past them at a very close proximity. We believe in experiencing nature in its rawest form, thus our yachts are designed in a way that they glide in the waters without harming the environment.

Along with robust fittings, Khandya provides elaborate crockery and icebox for an alfresco meal. What better company than comforting food. Hence, when the yacht is cruising in the serene waters of Goa, you can enjoy scrumptious food with an amazing view. This yacht comes with a complete fishing kit which includes fishing rods and binoculars so that there is nothing to interrupt this exotic experience.

So get your family and friends, hop aboard and have a private celebration, exclusively for you. Our dedicated crew will ensure that they leave no stones unturned to make your party an unforgettable one. Contact Boat Goa and you will be expertly guided to make the best choice amongst our grand yachts, suitable as per your needs and requirements.

  • Boat TypeSpeed Boat
  • No. of Guests 10
  • No. of Bedroom 0
  • Size (Feet)28
  • CategoryLeisure
  • 1 Hour@Rs.20000 Save Nil
  • 2 Hours@Rs.19000 Save Rs.2000
  • 3 Hours@Rs.18000 Save Rs.6000
  • 4 Hours@Rs.17000 Save Rs.12000
  • 5 Hours@Rs.16000 Save Rs.20000
* Please add 10% service charge to the above rates, Government Taxes Applicable
  • Skipper / Captain 1
  • Crew / Hostess 1
  • BeveragesInclusive
  • Fuel / Jetty feeInclusive*
* Inclusive, minimum rent 2 hours.

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