Solita - Ultimate Sailing-cum-Motor Yacht

Solita - Ultimate Sailing-cum-Motor Yacht

The Solita is a beautiful yacht on rent in Goa, which makes sailing a timeless and elegant experience. The luxurious interior in this 42-foot motor yacht built has incorporated the old-fashioned style of the classic ‘trawler’. Thus it gives the Solita a classic & rustic feel. She sails majestically on the awe-inspiring coastlines of Goa, so that the passengers experience the serene rivers and backwaters of Goa.

You might find many yachts around to sail on, but the Solita is more than a mere yacht rental in Goa to us and her passengers. She is so special and irreplaceable that we moved across a whooping six-hundred kilometers from Mumbai to Goa just for her. Thus, you can imagine her importance and what unique experience she brings to all her sailors. Solita is the whole and sole reason behind all the happiest moments in our lives and we are eager to share the joy she brings with the world. She is our prized possession.

Be it a family reunion or a corporate event, Solita will take the celebration to another level with her spacious decks, which can accommodate all your loved ones. This yacht on hire in Goa comes with comfortable lounge rooms and two luxurious cabins, thus ensuring comfortable stays on board. It is like a home away from home. She is the perfect solution for any yacht party in Goa or even a romantic outing for two. The Solita comes with a team of four expert crew members, which includes the captain and an engineer who have been with her since the day she was created. The crews experience in sailing, the knowledge about every nook and corner of Solita, their dedication towards customer service & their love for their work makes it the ultimate choice for anyone who loves cruising in Goa.

The Solita can comfortably accommodate up to twenty-six guests and make sure that they are well looked after. You can choose the food and drinks from the plethora of options provided by our amazingly talented chefs. The preparations will be made as per your choice and palate. Such is the hospitality and magic of the Solita that customers come year after year to celebrate their special occasions with her.

Sailing this yacht for rent in Goa, allow the passengers to just disconnect from the chaos and slow down. The Solita has witnessed many special and happy moments, always ensuring that they are unforgettable. If you want to make any occasion a memorable one, or just want to add life to any usual social gathering, call us now and our staff will ensure that Solita will take the event to another level. What are you waiting for?

  • Boat TypeMotor Yacht
  • No. of Guests25
  • No. of Bedroom2
  • Size (Feet)40
  • CategoryLeisure
  • 1 Hour@Rs.25000 Save Nil
  • 2 Hours@Rs.24000 Save Rs.2000
  • 3 Hours@Rs.23000 Save Rs.6000
  • 4 Hours@Rs.22000 Save Rs.12000
  • 5 Hours@Rs.21000 Save Rs.20000
* Please add 10% service charge to the above rates. Government taxes applicable.
  • Skipper / Captain 1
  • Crew / Hostess 1
  • BeveragesInclusive
  • Fuel / Jetty feeInclusive*
* Inclusive, minimum rent 2 hours.

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